France’s startup scene is picking up massive momentum. Since 2013 “La French Tech” has been our startup scene here in France. It’s also a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders. Our mission ? To make France one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global companies that make sense for our future. In 2019, 13 cities were certified “French Tech Capital” – including Toulose. Our ecosystem dynamics is driven by a group of entrepreneurs. And it’d be even better with you here.

Come to our greeting ceremony on Monday, the January 20th 2020, and please register for the event with the following link :

Our vision

Startup is gathering many hopes and promises: the dream of the successful pioneers is attractive to many new entrepreneurs. Progress is promised: a new economy that is part of the ever-stronger integration processes of our economy. The current transformations in the world are so many opportunities to be seized quickly: a more digital world, a more inclusive world, a more eco-responsible world !

There are more and more innovative entrepreneurs. They want to go far, so they are demanding. Startups are looking for agility, expertise, resources, efficiency and networks. The actors of the territory who want to work with the startups adapt to the level of ambition of the startups and work together: collaborations are sustainable and synergies are fertile for all.

Like territories such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv or Paris, our dream is to make Toulouse one of the best places in the world to develop a start-up. Toulouse is a territory focused on the success of start-ups.

Our mission

We are a movement of technology entrepreneurs from Toulouse, working hand in hand with the territorial dynamics in favor of start-ups and the innovation ecosystem.

We help future high-potential innovative startups get off the ground.

We help the world’s technology leaders to develop.

We help solutions with a positive societal or green impact to become widespread.

All this enables Toulouse-based startups to consolidate their assets and grow worldwide.

So we help each other to welcome, connect and promote technology startups in the Toulouse area.

Our ambition

We want to help startups to grow and consolidate their assets. Their business model must be more profitable and sustainable. There will be more “mature” startups (aka scaleups and gazelles).

To achieve this, startups must focus on the growth of their business, the societal or environmental impact strategies and, finally, the teams development here.

The major players in the region (public sector and private companies) have a main responsibility to help startups succeed: by providing experimental sites, massively buying solutions from Toulouse startups and investing in them.